2022 News Stories

Written by and from the desk of Dave Freitag, VFW Post 9156 Post Commander

Good evening,

I am very honored to be here this evening. Isaac approached me to discuss his Eagle Service Project. We discussed and agreed on his project, paperwork was submitted and approved. Isaac went into his creativity/design management phase.  

Once the design was completed, Isaac ran a simulation test. Isaac discovered there was a problem with the design. This caused Isaac to go into problem-management mode. Isaac identified the problem, provided a solution, and resolved the issue. Reran the simulated test and it ran successfully.

The next step in the project management process was running an actual onsite test at the cemetery. Unfortunately, weather prevented several attempts to perform the onsite test, therefore, the scheduled test was the same day as the actual flag distribution. Isaac was confident that the execution of his Eagle Service Project would be successful, which made me feel just as confident. I had faith and trust in this young man.

On that day at Green Lawn, I saw a young man go into Leadership Management mode, standing in front of his parents, his fellow scouts, their parents, volunteers, and VFW members he took charge of the meeting, explaining the process, answering all questions, and executing the process without issue. Isaac’s leadership management skills were simply amazing.

At the end of the process, we had 100 percent accountability, plus unmarked graves were found and documented. Read the numbers sheet! The feedback we received was very positive. Isaac accomplished the goals that we agreed to, that all Veterans were accounted for and receive the honor and recognition they deserve.  

The final step in Isaac’s Eagle Service Project was to brief the VFW membership. Isaac attended one of our business meetings and went into Presentation Management mode explaining the development and execution of his Eagle Service Project. Isaac now possesses all the Project Management Skills Sets! The amazing thing is Isaac possessed these skills as a Junior in High School.

I want to thank you, Isaac, for your passion and your efforts to complete your Eagle Service Project. I look forward to watching you continue your journey through life to see how you handle the many challenges you will face going forward. You have the tools to make a difference, don’t hesitate to use those tools. I wish you “Fair Winds and Following Seas in all your current and future Endeavors”! 

Lastly, I want to thank Isaac’s family, Troop 831 scoutmasters, scouts, and their families who have and continue to support our VFW Post and all our Veterans.

Thank You!

Greenlawn Cemetery Information


6706 Superior Ave, Kohler, WI 53044

Veteran Occupation Number:

  • 412

Flag Holders Needed:

  • 158

Flag Holders Damaged:

  • 7

Bronze Plates Needed:

  • 153


  • D – Damaged Flag Holder.
  • Vet – Veteran Flag Holder.
  • ? – Unknown Information.
  • Section Letter – Newly determined sections according to the new map.
  • Row # – Original Rows made by the cemetery.

Note: This information does not include the mausoleum.